Dwell within nature

Imagine a house inspired by Scandinavia and its nature. Sun rays shining through large windows. A home that allows you to relax and enjoy the surroundings with its sounds and colors. A house that is not a huge financial burden and can be built quickly and easily, almost anywhere. Hyta is a way of living in harmony with nature, simplicity and full functionality.


Why Hyta?

Hyta is primarily a space conducive to relaxation, durable, healthy technology and design refined in every detail by professionals at KIK ARCHITEKCI. The office is responsible for the function and form of Hyta, thanks to which you can be sure that the house you receive is unique.


Quick Process

The construction process is short and simple, most of the elements are prefabricated. In just a few days, we will erect the structure with windows and provide all the materials needed to complete the building. The Hyta finish is not complicated, so you can do it even by yourself with the included step-by-step instructions.


Natural Materials

We strive to replace synthetic materials with natural ones. The structure of the walls is made of wood, which is durable and warm at the same time. We use mineral wool for insulation, thanks to which the walls breathe and the interior is warm and while sustaining a healthy microclimate. All windows are wooden, and each Living room has a large sliding terrace window.


Functional Arrangement

The layout of the space plays a key role, as the law limits the external dimension of the building. Hyta makes maximum use of the permissible surface area, ensuring full functionality. We made sure that there is a great feeling in every space.


Scandinavian Design

When designing the buildings, we were inspired by Scandinavia, emphasizing the role of natural light in the interior. Each building has a unique and timeless form. During the design work, we took care of every detail, both technically and aesthetically. Thanks to this, Hyta fits into any landscape.


Scandinavian quality

We also build our houses in Norway, where the climate is more demanding and the culture of having a second home is much older. This translates into Norwegian standards and expectations for houses that we must fulfill. All materials we used to build hyta are natural and of the highest quality. We use larch cladding boards, solid wood windows, breathable wall layers and only ecological and modern technological solutions, thanks to which the interior is warm and has a healthy microclimate.


Natural Materials

The sea, forest, lake, mountains – what do you want to see through the big windows when you wake up? We believe that the environment we live in has a beneficial influence on us. The microclimate in your home is crucial. With this in mind, we only build Hyta from natural resources. Thanks to this, we can offer you the highest comfort of its use, while maintaining closeness to nature and using its treasures.

Scandinavian Technology

We only use high-strength C24 wood, which is chamber-dried, for the construction of the houses. This is so we can be sure that the wood is free from all fungi and insects, while maintaining its natural, healthy character, without the need to use harmful preparations. Such wood is breathable and at the same time solid and resistant to weather and biological conditions.

Natural Mineral Wool

Winter in nature? Heat! With an overnight stay in Hyta? The Warmest! All thanks to the natural thermal insulation of external partitions, which has a significant impact on the comfort and operating costs of the building. Glass wool is a long-lived and natural material, made of used glass in the form of a cullet. In addition to protection in winter, good thermal insulation in summer also protects you from the heat.


Functional solutions

Hyta is a functional solution with high aesthetic values. Construction costs have been reduced while maintaining the highest quality materials and details, so that our tiny houses remain an affordable solution for everyone. The construction process has been planned to be as simple, quick and intuitive as possible. The very design of the house, which was created with you and the comfort of your life in mind, is functional.

Frame construction

The skeleton structure is a safe and durable technology for erecting buildings, in which our subcontractors have many years of experience. The construction time is short, and the costs and amount of waste are much less than with classic structures. The technology comes from Scandinavia, which is famous for its harsh winters, ensuring that the house will work in the harshest weather conditions.

Large glazing

Thanks to Hyta’s large windows, the boundary between the interior and the nature around you is blurred. This allows you to connect directly with the landscape and its sounds in all weather conditions. In winter you can watch the snow fall; in the summer for the sun’s rays; in spring when nature comes to life; and in autumn for the golden leaves to fall from the trees. Hyta is a perfect shelter and an even better vantage point to experience the seasons.

A modern house with a mezzanine


Deceptively like the legendary A-frame holiday home, yet upon further acquaintance, will reveal much more to you.

A minimalist cube house


Cubic shape offering the most interior space and functionality. House for lovers of modernism and simple forms.

An elongated barn-type house with a mezzanine


If you are looking for more space than what the standard Hauk offers then, this extended version is the ideal choice.

Functional barn-type house


Bring back memories of a holiday in the countryside. A high ceiling, spacious mezzanine and large glazing will make you feel like never before.

A modern house with a mezzanine


A project for lovers of original solutions through minimalism and modernity. Live in a house with a unique hipped roof.

A modern one-story house


A cozy one-story house with a built-in terrace, but still open to nature. Make yourself comfortable and broaden your horizons.


Watch a short film showing the work of our team. Prefabricated elements of the structure are placed on the previously prepared foundations, next windows are installed. Pay attention to the machines we use and the possible access to your plot.


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