From idea to realisation

Explore some of the models we have made. We build Hytes all over Poland and abroad. We are a manufacturer of prefabricated modular houses that have already made hundreds of residents happy.


Realisations by Hyta

We have built almost a hundred houses in Poland and northern Norway. The idea of a small house in a natural environment was created for those who dream of escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city. A second home is natural for Scandinavians. Every family has a weekend home, where they often spend more time than in the city. In Norway there is a separate word for such a house, hytte, from which we have interpolated the name of our houses. For us, the word hytte is not just a house. It is a way of living in harmony with nature and minimalism, but at the same time with comfort and full functionality. We invite you to take a look at some of the investments we have had the pleasure of creating.


The Owl’s Retreat

The Owl’s Retreat is a HEST model. It stands among the trees in Gamerki Maly in Warmia. The lucky owners of the house are renting this property. The cottage has a terrace, 2 bedrooms, a living room and a well-equipped kitchenette with a fridge and an oven. “There’s a forest all around and that’s all you need to take a real break from reality. Right next door is a lake, the wild kind, where you can soak your feet from the jetty and go fishing. A larger one, where you can spread out on a blanket and splash around, is a short bike ride away. And where not to look: the gentle hills of Warmia, time passing at its own pace, nothing to do and nothing to need. There are some lovely slow food places in the area: local cider, goat’s cheese, fresh fish and cartwheels. And then there’s the house: comfortable, well decorated, so that it’s a pleasure just to be here and spend time with the family or a group. There is a patio, barbecue, yoga mats, board games and books for the evenings. People and dogs relax here. At Owl’s Retreat, everyone’s their own person.


The Hest settlement

In 2021, we launched a settlement in northern Norway consisting of our Hest models and the larger Hest Long version. More were built in May 2022. All the buildings have panoramic views. Situated on top of a small hill in Skarungen. Ideal for catching the aurora borealis. Our Hest can sleep up to 5 people and Hest Long has two bedrooms and can sleep 8 people. There are plenty of activities on site, including ski and bike hire and yoga classes.


Rogn realisation

In Łódzkie Voivodeship we have built our 35 m2 model – Rogn. The happy owners use it as a holiday house, where they spend their free time on weekends and holidays. Situated among trees, the house fulfils its function and provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The mono-pitched roof adds to its unique character.


Stork realisation

We have implemented the Stork model in several locations. In one development, we combined our model in a terraced development at the request of the investor. In another, a free-standing Stork in an urban development. You can place a Hyta anywhere. In a forest, by the sea or in the mountains, but not only. The Stork is characterised by its highly functional layout. There is an entrance area with wardrobe, a spacious living room with kitchen and dining area, and a bathroom.


The Mazurian climate

We have built 3 buildings in this location near Warsaw. 2 models, the Hest and the Hest Long. The lucky owners live in the larger version of the house and the two smaller models can be rented. “Our wooden houses are designed in a modern and functional way. We have tried to blend in perfectly with the surroundings and not disturb the nature that surrounds us on all sides. Our little village has not succumbed to time, everything works as it used to. There are no shops or restaurants, no tourists, just silence and nature. The village is surrounded by meadows and the Piska forest, 10 km from the nearest towns. Cranes and countless water birds are a daily spectacle. Here you will find peace and quiet.


Mroga just relaxes

Not far from Łódź, in Koziołki, we implemented the Hest model. In the valley of the Mroga River and the buffer zone of the Lodz Heights Landscape Park. The happy owners of the house rent out their property. “Make yourself comfortable in our cosy cottage, which can accommodate six people. Take advantage of the terrace, soak in the balmy healing waters, swing in the hammock to your heart’s content, relax in the deck chairs and indulge in the books and albums we have hidden inside. We treat this place like home.


Prefabricated bathroom

We have added finished bathrooms to our range. We have carefully designed every detail so that you can enjoy your bathroom along with your house.
We use the best materials in the manufacture of our bathrooms, including Cersanit fittings. Prefabrication is carried out by our experienced partners, who have many years of experience in the European market. They carry out more than a thousand prefabricated units a year. Hyta gives you peace of mind. Not just when you take the keys and move into your dream home. Hyta also means peace of mind through the holistic, complete realisation you get from us.

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