Reliable and proven solutions

Hyta is a brand created and managed by architects. With many years of experience and knowledge, we are able to choose the best technical and material solutions. As a result, our buildings are characterised by quality, safety and comfort.

Maximised prefabrication

Basic assembly in just 5 days

Hyta is mostly built in the comfort of a production hall using modern technology. This affects the precision of the building and allows every detail of the building to be perfected. Prefabricated components arrive on site and are used to construct the finished building. Only the necessary work is carried out on site, saving time and improving the quality of the building. The frame technology is a so-called lightweight technology, where the partition walls consist mainly of thermal insulation. Such a partition effectively protects against frost and heat. Thanks to its low heat accumulation, the interior temperature can be raised more quickly than with masonry, which is very advantageous for holiday homes. In addition, the low weight means lower foundation and material transport costs.

Energy efficiency

Wall that breathes and keeps you warm

Over the years, we have developed the ideal partition wall, characterised by excellent physical performance and minimal thickness. This is made possible by the use of high quality insulation materials with high performance characteristics. The wall section has a thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.163* W/(m2K), which means that the Hyta is very energy efficient and warmer than modern residential buildings. We use mineral wool as the main insulation, which is a natural material with the best insulating properties. From the outside, we insulate the envelope with wood wool panels, which in turn retain heat better, so the wall does not heat up as quickly in the summer. The façade is mounted on a double grid with an air cavity to allow natural ventilation. This type of baffle is open to diffusion and prevents the formation of condensation in the wall.

* The coefficient calculated for the section between the structural beams, the whole wall including thermal bridges from the timber frame has a coefficient of 0.19 W/(m2K).


Quality and safety

Our buildings have extensive design documentation with an emphasis on structural safety and building statics. This is extremely important in timber frame construction and is often overlooked in small buildings where the construction process often does not require an architect. Our construction is made from certified C24 timber, which is assembled in the workshop into solid walls and trusses using modern joinery connections such as press-in stud plates. For insulation we use mineral wool, which is an environmentally friendly material with the best insulating properties. Good quality mineral wool has a coefficient of thermal conductivity 15% better than blown wood wool.


Larch facade

We use only larch wood for the facades of our buildings. This is a wood with very little annual growth, which makes it extremely durable and weather resistant. Hyta cladding boards are manufactured especially for us. The fact that the cladding is made on the production line means that the boards can be concealed. The cladding profiles are cut from the highest quality timber and then machine-painted in the production hall in one of Hyta’s original and unique colours. We use Italian oil and wax-based impregnants. All this makes the Hyta facade unique.

The picture opposite shows a Hyta facade in raw larch.


Wooden windows

Wood has one of the lowest coefficients of thermal expansion, making it ideal for large south-facing glazing. Timber joinery is also characterised by its durability and structural rigidity, which is why all our buildings have timber window frames. It is also more weather resistant than PVC windows. Wood is a natural material with good thermal insulation, which also provides greater air infiltration. It is estimated that properly maintained wooden windows can last up to 50 years. The large glazing combined with wooden profiles and sliding windows will delight every Hyta user.



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