Below is a collection of frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact your local hyta dealer.

The walls, floor, and roof of Hyta houses meet the requirements for single-family buildings in terms of thermal insulation from 2021, which allows you to comfortably spend time in them, even in winter.

This is also known as ‘light technology’, where the partitions mostly consist of thermal insulation. Such a partition effectively protects against frost and heat. Thanks to the low thermal accumulation, the wall does not heat up or cool down, as does the brick technology wall, which allows you to raise the temperature of the interior faster.

Because then it is possible to put the structure of such a house on a construction site in one day, while still being extremely durable. We use a natural, renewable raw material from certified, Scandinavian crops. Inspired by our northern and western neighbors, we want to promote wooden structures in Poland, which are gaining more and more popularity.

All houses are made in modern Scandinavian technology developed for over 100 years in housing construction. They are only insulated with mineral wool. The exact layers can be found in the technical sheet of the house.

No, because the house is made for the order, in accordance to the selected configuration.

Yes, it is possible to order a mirror image building. First, fill in the “Order a free project” form on the Hyta site you want to set up. Then reply to the email you will receive asking for a mirror version. The standard layout of the building is shown in the plan on the product page and in the technical data sheet. Visualizations and photos of the implementation may present various variants.

We are constantly improving our homes and trying to update all the materials available on the website on an ongoing basis. It may turn out that not everything can be improved immediately. Remember that the building plan available on the product page and the technical sheets are always up-to-date, and the visualizations are only illustrative.

The assembly of the structure by our specialists takes 2-3 days, the next day is needed for the assembly of windows and entrance doors. Exact dates are set when you buy a home.

A legendary A – frame house


Deceptively like the legendary A-frame holiday home, yet upon further acquaintance, will reveal much more to you.

A minimalist cube house


Cubic shape offering the most interior space and functionality. House for lovers of modernism and simple forms.

An elongated barn-type house with a mezzanine


Check what our largest hyta offers. A modern barn with a high ceiling, spacious mezzanine and a building area over 60 m2.

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